Official Affadavit
~ signed at the US Embassy in Kigali on the morning of August 3, 2010 ~

After the car crash, which happened at 4PM on Saturday, my time was split between King Faisel Hospital and the Guest House. I call the 72 hours of her coma time "between numbness and pain". I became increasingly angry. I wasn't angry at God. The focus of my anger grew to be Frank Murenzi. He was the driver of the death car. If Frank had driven more carefully, my lovely Kim would still be alive. Frank was careless - or wreckless - or worse. I wanted "justice" for Frank. I decided that I wanted to write a sworn affidavit for two reasons; first to make a record of my experience, and second to make sure that Frank did not escape justice. On Tuesday, August 3, Zachary and I went to the US embassy. I spoke this statement before the consul, Jean Woynicki, and she typed it out. Kim would die a few hours after this visit to the embassy.

I have two distinct memories of Kim's last car ride that I did not mention in the affidavit. I remember pointing out to Kim the Nyanza King's house. She was tired and just whispered "yes". Some time later she said, "Do you have any water? I'm thirsty". I told her that there was a water bottle in my bag in the very back. I heard her clothes rustle. Maybe she took off her seat belt. I don't know. She let out a little frustrated groan and then she was silent. I told her, "We will be in Gitarama soon. We will stop there to rest and buy something to drink". The last words that I remember Kim speaking were biblical, "I thirst".