Tuesday, December 27, 2005

CASA account

Chris brought cards from Rwanda in order to promote and do some fund-raising for the CASA. I think these cards are so beautiful, but I have problem selling them. It was too late this year, probably next year we will start early. Chris was trying to recruit Brian to go to Rwanda next summer, and Brian wants to recruit Chris to start a marriage seminar group. It is so wonderful to see these two men who are passionate about what they do, and they share visions and support each other. We prayed, and they went home at 11:00 P.M. I am touched by Lili and her faithfuness.

We opened the CASA bank account.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Birthday

Chris told me that he received an e-mail from Frank, (Chris checks his e-mail and he is most happy when he hears from CASA family from Rwanda) and he was in a very good mood. The news is the best birthday gift for him, I think. I will not tell what the content of the e-amil, but this is about the CASA ministry. Did I say something about a birthday? Yes, today is Chris' birthday. Can you guess why his parents named him Chris? He was a very cute baby, as you see in the picture. His older sisters still call him, "our Christmas baby".

Simon called to say "Happy birthday" to his father, and I told him his father is in prison. Simon repeats by saying, what?, I said he is in prison. I said with a straight face and a calm voice, he is in prison. As some of you know, Chris leads a Bible study at San Quentin prision which is a maximum security prison. Matter of fact, there was an excusion there a few weeks ago. I should of said, "he is at prison" not "in prison". Anyway, I like to joked with my children.

We will go to SF by a ferry this afternoon, and celebrate his birthday and look around Christmas decoration around the City. Hope all of you have a great Christmas. I will have a wonderful and relaxing time with this Christmas baby:)

Thursday, December 22, 2005

The most beautiful Christmas Card

Chris woke me up this morning, he waived a piece of paper he says "Robina sent you a Christmas card". I thought to myself, he must be thinking too much about Africa. How can that be? I never received a mail from Rwanda, and I don't know whether there is a post office in Butare. We communicate with an e-mail, but never with a snail mail. I thought either it was in my dream, or Chris is sleep walking or something. I opened my eyes and grabbed the paper Chris thirsted to my face, it was a card. It has the CASA logo on it, and beautiful roses in a vase, then on the back of the card, it said, "printed by Christian Fellowship House". Robina made the card! Now we know she knows how to use computer, we can do all kind of things over the internet. First she is going to use this blog. I will create a Learning Managment System, so we can exchange files and pictures, etc. I will post things on here for now and she can also post something that anyone can read. Of course we will not post something that is personal or things that are confidential, we will use LMS.

So, Robina, are you ready to use the blog?

Merry Christmas from Foremans

Robina, Frank, Ruth

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! You are in our thoughts, and we love you and thinking of you on this wonderful season of our Lord's birth.

Chris is back from Rwanda. The mission was very sucessful. He opened the CASA house, and on the opening day, he siad that there were closed to 400 people showed up. Here is an e-mail Chris sent out to friends and family.

I just returned safe and sound from a successful mission trip to Africa. I am up late adjusting to Pacific Standard time. Thank you for your prayers.

For those of you who prayed for a successful Open House on December 9th, "Thank you" even more. The Christian Fellowship House in Butare, Rwanda, welcomed 323 visitors on that day. We had decorations, singers, speakers, and dancers . We ran out of cookies and fruit punch and had to close our front gate early.

Most people who dropped by were poor neighbors who live up and down our red clay road. My favorite comment came from a college student who was helping out. He gazed at the sight of old women returning from the fields and barefoot kids in tattered clothes. As they sat in upholstered chairs and sipped punch from porcelain cups, I overheard a comment that he whispered to a friend: "This is just like Jesus did".

We at Come & See Africa hope that there are more opportunities to imitate Christ in Rwanda. If you are able, we welcome you to "come and see" this ministry next July as we return to serve university students and ordinary people in East Africa.

From Chris to Robinah..


Thank you for living and working in the Christian Fellowship House. I'm sorry that I did not have much time to speak with you while we were together. I am glad that Ruth will be working with you for a while. I spent a lot of time with her explaining how I want to operate the house. Please use her as a resource, as well as Frank and Willy too. Let me say a little bit about the positions at CASA.

ROBNAH -- you are "activity director". You are responsible for everything that goes on in the house. You schedule activities to fill the house with people as much as possible. Starting in January write down all house activities on the big calendar next to the door. This is so everybody can see what is scheduled. Ruth will give you her planning book. Keep this with you to schedule use of the house. Pass out your business card to people. Students are our first priority, then pastors, then other Christian community leaders. I want the house to officially sponsor 4 events. You will be in charge of 3. The devotions are at 7 AM (or 8 AM when NUR is not active). This is Monday through Friday -- Saturday and Sunday devotions are up to your discretion. You are in charge, but that does not mean that you must lead every morning. Frank, or Ruth, or Willy can substitute for you. Please let Jacque and Pascazi participate fully. If you can, pick out a book of the Bible to read through or get a book that has daily readings. The devotions should be between 1/2 and 1 hour. SING-READ-DISCUSS-SHARE NEEDS-PRAY. I want to sponsor a lunch meal for a maximum of 20 student leaders. I am suggesting 12 noon on Saturday. We have 20 sets of plates / eating utensils and a budget of $10 per meal. I would like the student leaders to eat, fellowship, pray and plan. Talk with Victor, Jean-Luc, Patient, & Isabella about the best way to do this. I want to sponsor an "Agape Feast" for the needy at 2PM on Sunday. These 20 people include Jacque's family and Pascazi's family. Maybe you can rotate between churches. In January start with Life Restoration church. Ask your pastor to invite about 12-15 people to have a good meal at our place (with children) for the 5 Sundays in January -- the pastor is invited too. For February ask another church to participate. We have a budget for $10 per meal. -- Frank is academic director and will oversee the Bible Classes. I am asking that you teach a Bible Class on Esther. Like other instructors, you will receive 5000 RWF for each class you teach. You are also the supervisor of Pascasi and Jacque. Be kind to them, but firm if you must. I really like both of them.

JACQUE -- He is working as night watchman for CASA. He should go home after devotions and return before dark. Talk to Ruth about his wage. When "muzungu" are in the house, he should work 24 hours per day. When Jacque is not around, Pascazi is also a watchman. (as a matter of fact, everyone is a watchman). In January we will pay for Jacque's health care, so be sure to enroll him. (We are also paying for your health care starting in January). His family is invited to lunch every Sunday. We can hire his wife for special meals or events at 1000 RWF per day.

PASCAZI -- she is the housekeeper for CASA. I have talked with her that she will work for 2 years (from Jan 2006 to Dec 2007), then I insist that she leave us and go to secondary school. CASA will pay for her education. I also bought the sewing machine for her use. When Frank and Claudine leave the house, use the big guest room as a sewing room and get someone to train Pascazi on the sewing machine. She can invite family to the Agape Feast. Since she is only 15 we can't sign her up for health insurance, so please cover any medical cost for her out our budget. Talk with Ruth about her salary.

FRANK -- He is academic director. I want to start a school from the house to educate and encourage University students. Frank will lead that effort. So far, I have Frank, Robnah, Paul Gasigi, James Musoni, and Doctor Macinda teaching classes. Each will be offered 5000 RWF for each class they teach as "Transport money". We have a budget for this, so please accept the money. Frank is also property manager. Let him handle problems with electricity, plumbing, telephone, or the owner of the property. Frank is also the person who is helping us find new property and registering CASA in Rwanda. Frank's salary is 100 USD per month plus 5000 RWF for each class he teaches. He and Claudine can stay in the CASA house until Feb 1 at no cost. They can keep some possessions in that room until it is needed by visitors.

PAUL Gasigi -- We will have a board in Rwanda. This will be Chris -- Kim -- Simon -- then Pastor Paul. He will be our legal representative in Rwanda. Paul will also teach a class for us (every semester I hope). Also Paul's car is available to us, especially when visitors are in the house and when we need to transport large items. We will pay his petrol costs. We need our generator back in January. Paul can borrow it for Sunday -- but he must return it for Monday. Maybe this will motivate him to buy one for the AG church.

IMMACULEE -- she is our finance officer. She will oversee our budget. I am asking her to visit once or twice a month to look at our books and make sure our money is being spent wisely. Share openly with her any money matters. Please keep our books carefully and keep receipts for all you spend. She is part of the CASA family and is welcome to stay in the house overnight. Her sisters can stay with her. Talk with her about how we should handle health insurance and social security and taxes. We will be honest with the government of Rwanda.

I want to enlarge the CASA family. Ruth will continue to be a part of CASA. She will receive 250 USD on Jan 1. (minus the money left over from buying the projector). She will be on maternity leave until July when we return to Rwanda. Then will see how she can fit into the CASA family. Willy is welcome in the house at any time. I want some supervisor to stay in the house every night and be in the house as much as possible. You are first, then Frank, then Ruth, then Willy. I trust students and pastors. Still for security reasons, I want someone from the CASA family in the house as much as possible. Pastor Gordon from Uganda and Pastor Jeremie from Burundi are always welcome to spend the night in the house.

I want a close relationship with Living Faith Ministries. Let's be generous toward them. Please visit them from time to time. We can share dishes and benches when necessary. I am in close contact with Amon here in America. I do not want an activity on Sunday morning. We will not compete with local churches. I do not want activities on Sunday evening. Encourage all students to attend the Heart of Worship at LFM. Although we may offer academic classes on Sunday evening. That's up to Frank.

Robnah, CASA is like a baby for me and Kim. We are putting great trust in you to look after our baby and we are confident that you are up to the task. In our absence you are the "lady-in-charge" of the CASA house and must decide what is best. We are praying for you every day. God is doing a great work in Butare. Thank you so much for being an important part of this work.

Blessings, Chris

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Move the Bolg from Xanga to Blog Spot

Chris sent this curriculum for the Christian Academy House in Rwanda.

Bible Curriculum at Christian Fellowship House

1. Tailored to meet the needs of NUR students:
a. four-year curriculum (8 semesters)
b. classes will be in session when students are on campus/
classes will be on holiday when students are on holiday.
-- each class will meet 16 to 18 times depending on calendar
c. classes held Monday through Friday / 6 PM to 8 PM
d. total number of classes in curriculum = 40 (8 semesters x 5 evenings)
e. students will receive a certificate for each completed class.
f. students will receive a diploma (?) when the curriculum is complete.
g. Frank Murenzi is academic director.
He will work out details for fairness in enrolling students
2. Tailored to meet the needs of the house: maximum number per class is 30 students
3. Tailored to meet needs of instructors:
a. Instructors are required to commit for one night a week for duration of the semester (14 to 16 sessions)
b. Compensation will be 5000 RF per session of class. This gratuity is intended to cover transport costs. Additional transport costs will be considered on a case-by-case basis. (for instance for an instructor traveling from Kigali)
c. The academic director will be assisting in all sessions and will be available as translator. He will also substitute when necessary.
d. We will pay for one sheet of paper per student per session. The sheet may be printed on the house computer.
e. An overhead projector, transparences, and whiteboard will be available for instructors.
f. Our desire is to challenge students. The difficulty of the class should fall somewhere between a Sunday school Bible study and a genuine seminary class.
g. We will strive to supply appropriate teaching and reference material for instructors.
h. We want to take full advantage to visiting scholars. If a seminary professor is in town for a few weeks, we may ask an instructor to cancel one session to provide an opportunity for a visiting expert.
i. We are recruiting instructors for the first semester as follows:

Monday – The Gospel of Matthew – Frank Murenzi
Tuesday – Church History since Reformation – Paul Gasigi
Wednesday – The Purpose Driven Life – James Musoni
Thursday – An Overview of Genesis and Exodus -- ?
Friday -- Introduction to Missions -- ?

See next page for proposed four-year curriculum

Our intention is to fill NUR students with the Gospel of Jesus Christ (20 classes), send them out them to make disciples of all nations (10 classes) and provide them with relevant tools to make their work effective (10 classes). We want to do all this in four years.

The Curriculum contains four parts: New Testament (12 classes), Old Testament (8 classes), Evangelism (10 classes), Special Topics / ST (10) classes.

We understand that student can not possibly complete every class during every semester. We plan to award a diploma to students who completes ½ of classes in each of the four areas. In addition, if students seeks a diploma, they are required to complete two weeks of evangelism during a holiday period.

Year One / Semester One
Gospel of Matthew
Church History 2 (ST)
The Purpose Driven Life (ST)
Genesis & Exodus
Intro to Missions

Year One / Semester Two
Epistle to the Romans
History of Church in Africa (ST)
Leviticus, Numbers & Deuteronomy
Biblical Interpretation (Hermeneutics)
Personal Evangelism

Year Two / Semester One
Gospel of Luke
Letter to the Hebrews
Church History 1 (ST)
Joshua, Judges, & Ruth

Year Two / Semester Two
Acts of the Apostles
1-2 Samuel & 1-2 Kings
TBA -- (ST)
Islam in Africa
TBA -- (ST)

Year Three / Semester One
Gospel of Mark
1 – 2 Corinthians
Chronicles > Esther
Preaching the Word
TBA -- (ST)

Year Three / Semester Two
Galatians > Thessalonians
Job > Song of Solomon (Poetry)
TBA -- (ST)
Teaching the Word
Church Planting

Year Four / Semester One
Gospel of John
1-2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon
TBA -- (ST)
Isaiah > Ezekiel (Major Prophets)
Cross-cultural Evangelism

Year Four / Semester Two
TBA -- (ST)
Daniel > Malachi (Minor Prophets)
Spiritual Formation
James > Jude (General Epistles)