Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Monthly Report

Wednesday, February 26, 2006
Dear Family, Friends and Supporters,

God has been blessing Come & See Africa since this ministry began last year. He has worked in marvelous ways. We would like to share our progress so far.

On November first, CASA rented a house near the campus of the National University of Rwanda (NUR). Chris was in the house for four weeks (November 9 to December 9) establishing the “Christian Fellowship House” and launching a campus ministry. As far as we know, CASA is the only international ministry in Rwanda with the singular purpose of influencing the campus generation for Christ. We are convinced that university students are key to putting the entire nation of Rwanda on the a path toward reconciliation, peace, and prosperity.

After the first of the year, university students began returning to campus. Over the past seven weeks, the Christian Fellowship House has been buzzing with activity. We are welcoming people 24 hours a day. CASA has hosted morning devotions, noon luncheons, evening Bible classes, and all-night prayer meetings. Everyday we are visited by students, local farmers, evangelists, and Christians of every stripe. We have made this space available for use by the local community and it is being used to the maximum.

Please read the following excerpts from emails, one from Robina (activity director) and one from Frank (academic director):

From Robina on February 11:

"CASA is still receiving guests from the NUR because of the Gospel campaign. We had meetings taking place like the one of the NUR Students from the Baptist church. There was a counseling session by Evangelist Rutayisire Antony with NUR Students. I did not know that CASA will impact the society and the university to this extent. I wish you may come to see the inflow of people in the ministry and I have also realized why God initiated CASA.

For sure here in Butare we need prayers, God to grant us wisdom. When these visitors do come from Kigali, they go back singing CASA. One of them told to call the CFH as a Missionary House. Again that I should pray for such Houses to be introduced in many towns, especially Kigali. He added that it his first time to see a such House in Rwanda.

I love you, Robina"

From Frank on February 20:

"It’s night here. I’m very busy today, doing some repairs on lights, water and buy some stuff for the house. Construction of the outside toilet is almost done remaining roofing and finishing.

I found the class is full, the sitting room is almost full. They are 29 in number we hope for more, so continue to pray with us for more space. These students are hungry, they come even before and do some reading and ask many questions. This class makes my day, so I wanted to express my joy to you. God sent me to seminary for this reason and I am really enjoying this.

your faithful FRANK "

As you can see, we are being blessed to overflowing. As the year 2006 progresses we are seeking ways to manage this overflow of blessing. We do need to rent more space for classrooms. We do need to provide snacks for hungry students. We do need theological books and classroom material. In East Africa today, the words of Jesus ring especially true: "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field. [Luke 10:2]”

We are seeking your support – prayer support, financial support, and participation support. First, pray for Come & See Africa, especially for Robina and Frank, that God uses these two young people in a mighty way to build His Kingdom in this corner of Africa. Second, if you are able, we ask that you support this work financially. We have committed to send $2000 each month to sustain this campus ministry. This is challenge for us and we could use your help. Third, CASA is returning to Butare during the month of July. So far six people have committed to this mission. We could easily accommodate a few more. Are you interested in being a harvester at the National University of Rwanda? Pray and seek God’s guidance. For more information on who we are and what we do, check out our web site at http://comeandseeafrica.org/. And thank you for reading this email!

Chris and Kim Foreman

"Come and See a man .. is not this the Christ? John 4:29"

Friday, February 17, 2006

Pastor Chris' Feb. 18th Column from KoreaTimes

Knocking down a wall of separation
February 18, 2006 / Number 175.

A few Sundays ago I had the opportunity to preach a message to a group of Korean young people. The message was about the Samaritan woman whom Jesus met at the well. I was explaining the four walls of separation that Jesus demolished with his simple request “give me a drink.” The first wall that Jesus knocked down was gender – He spoke to a woman. The second wall was religion – he spoke to woman who worshiped on a mountaintop. The third wall was status – he spoke to an outcast, a woman living outside of marriage.

The fourth wall of separation was race. Jesus spoke to a mixed-race woman. The Jews despised the Samaritans more than any other group because of their mixed blood. The proud people of Judea could trace their ancestry back to Jacob, but the people of Samaria could not. About five hundred years before the time of Christ, conquering Assyrians forcibly mixed the people of Israel with inhabitants of neighboring nations.

As I was explaining this situation to teenagers, I reached back into my Korean vocabulary and found a word that I hadn’t spoken in a long time – the word was “twegi” [Half-breed]. Many of the young people were uncomfortable at this word and squirmed in their seats. Samaria was nation of “twegis” and was therefore scorned by pure-blooded Jews.

After the church service, the EM pastor apologized to me about the low attendance for my service. He reminded me that it was Super Bowl Sunday. Many regular church attendees, especially boys, were absent in order to join Super Bowl parties. I understood the situation replying that my own son was watching the big game with his friends.

The next morning, I picked up the Korean Times and couldn’t miss the banner headlines of the Super Bowl. I thought to myself, “This is unusual. American football does not typically warrant so much attention”. As I read more closely, I discovered that the Most Valuable Player of this game was identified as a “Korean”. I called to my son and said, “Did you know that Hines Ward was Korean?”. He was surprised and said, “You’re kidding. I didn’t know that”. My mixed-race son thought that he was Black with some unusual ancestry.

As I read more in the Korea Times, it became apparent that all this attention did not concern American football at all but was all about Korean pride. (If Willie Parker had won MVP, would Koreans have cared?) Just as Hwang Woo-suk was overthrown as a point of national pride, Hines Ward was being haled as “the first Korean to win a football MVP”. What is it in the Korean psyche that worships individuals who are “most valuable” on an international stage?

I was in Korea about the time Hines Ward was born. In 1976 there were many newborns in Korea that looked like this future MVP. Most of these Black mixed-race children were openly despised and many put up for adoption to the West. They were not claimed as “Korean” but insulted as “twegi”. Thirty years later, is this adoration of Hines Ward just another case of Korean hero worship? Or is Korea finally attaining the attitude of Christ, where mixed-race is not a barrier to full inclusion? It is probably just another case of hero worship, but I pray that Hines Ward is at the front of a long parade that includes all mixed-race Koreans and not just those who win impressive awards.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Great weather in San Francisco

We have great weather lately, around 70's. I was driving into the City and thought about our friends in Rwanda, and thought it would be so neat for them to see this bridge, Golden Gate Bridge. Amon and William had a chance to cross it when they visited us. So I can say with confidence that at least two Rwandees have walked on this bridge. We live at a small town called Mill Valley, about 2 miles from the north end of bridge, and I hope someday Robina and Frank have a chance to walk on this bridge. It takes about 30 minutes to walk from one end to the other.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Snow in New York

Simon sent these pictures from NY. There are 2 feet snow, and it seems like Dilia and Ike are having great time in snow. Woudn't it be nice to send some of the snow to Robina and Frank in Butare? And to me in SF too.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Report from Pastor Chris

Dear friends and family,

With excitement and anticipation, we are preparing for our upcoming summer mission to Africa.
See our upgraded site at: http://CASA website for details. (Thanks, Simon, for your help with this)

We are happy to be supporting Robina and Frank as they do God's work in Rwanda through the Christian Fellowship House. Robina is Activity Director, skillfully managing who stays in our rooms and what groups meet in our facilities. Frank is Academic Director in charge of discipleship training for students at the National University of Rwanda. These are two outstanding young people.

We are glad to report that the Gospel is being proclaimed, lives are being changed, and the poor are ministered unto. If you were to join us this summer, you would be staying at the Christian Fellowship House and sharing this joy.

Below is a recent email from Robina. Reading it will provide a glimpse of what we are doing. To read more of this daily correspondence, you can visit Kim's blog at http://comeandseeafrica.blogspot.com/

Report from Butare via Robina

On the case of Feb, CASA is still recieving guests
from the NUR because of the gosple campaign. These
included Pastor Mugisha and his delegation from New
Life bible church-Kigali, Ev Kwizera Emmanuel and the
GBU president, EV Antony Rutayisire and his more three
members and am still waiting for more visitors today
night. From 17th Jan up to 22nd Jan, am still waiting
to recieve Pastor RON he is an American residing from
SOUTH AFRICA. He is comming to carry out a seminar to
the pastors and this seminar will take place from LT

We had meetings taking place like the one of the NUR
Students from the Baptist church meeting their Legal
representative, Counciling session by Ev Rutayisire
Antony with NUR Student.

I did not know that CASA will impact the society and
the university to this extent.
I wish you may come to see the in flow of poeple in
the ministry and i have also realised why God intiated

For sure here in Butare we need prayers, God to grant
us wisdom. When these vistors do come from Kigali,
they go back singing CASA. One of them told to call
the CFH as a Missionary House. A gain that i should
pray fro such Houses to be introduced in many town
especially Kigali. He added that it his fisrt time to
see a such House in Rwanda.

I love you

Friday, February 10, 2006

Come and Go

We had Amon last week, and Zach came this week. On Thursday night, we had a dinner that is turned out to be our first meeting of this year for Rwanda mission. Lynda, Tina, Craig, Brian, Lily came, of course Amon, and Chris and I were there too. We had great fellowship, watched last summer's video, talk about CFH mission, and what we want to do this year. Craig is our friend, also he is a music professor and a dean of graduate studies at a private university. Also he is a choir director for TBC. He is interested in going with us this summer and he will teach guitar class. It was great to see Tina and Lynda again. Tina will go this summer again. On Friday morning, we went to Muir Wood, and showed Amon around. They attended Friday Men's group Bible study at Presbyterian as well.

On Saturday, we went to Prayer Mt. On the way to prayer Mt. We stopped at Kim's Flower. Pastor Kim and his wife insisted that they take us out, so we went to a Chinese restaurant. Food was good. I was so impressed with their sons, they are so faithful and smart. These people did great job raising children. They were easy going, respectful, and most importantly they were very affectionate toward their mother and appreciative. They did awesome job as parents. We stayed a night at the Prayer Mt. I think we were the only one there that night.

On Sunday, we got up very early then drove to Monterey for 8:00 morning service. Sunday was very busy. Chris preached for three services from 8 O'clock to 12:00, then we had a lunch. I did a parenting seminar from 1: to 3:00. We thank God for this church. They are praying for us and also they give their offerings. It was also so good to see old friends who went to Rwanda with us a few years ago. They were happy to see us again. I pray that this church will be on our side. But they support five different countries already, so we will see what God has for us. Amon left on Monday morning, and Zach came on Monday evening.