Monday, November 27, 2006

Driftwood Nursing Home visit

We sang hymns and old classics. There were about thirty people who are in wheel chairs. Some were singing along with us, some were sleeping during the service. It reminded me the time when my mother was in a nursing home. I am sure that no one here in this nursing home chose to be here. What can you do when you are struck by strokes, and no one to take care of you. How do you respond to this kind of event in your life? When they were young and healthy, I don't think they ever thought they would end up in a place like this. Surely I don't think that way now, but what do you do when you need full time care. I wanted to hug everyone, but I didn't. I went around and reached out my hands to those who reached out to me. Wouldn't it be nice if I could bring in children from a Korean church to sing and dance for them? Children can learn to serve older people, and these wheel chiar bound people can enjoy children's singing and dance.

Visiting Homeless Shelter on Thanksgiving day

We went to a shelter on Thanksgiving day. It was so hard to see their faces straight from the place where I was sitting. They avoided and I avoided their eye contacts. They look so tired and beatten from cold, rain, and sun. On my way out, I said "hello" to a young family, and baby waived goodbye to me. It is so hard to say "God bless you or Happy Thanksgiving" to those who are really suffering. What do you say when you see someone who lost all hopes?

Joyce played piano, Linda is holding cup cake box, Ken and Mike in the background.

Anna and Enyoung

I had a surprise visit--Anna and Enyoung visited us. I have been praying for two directees for several months. I need to give the names to SDI on Dec. 9th. Whenever I asked “how should I get directees”, Sister tells me, God will send right ones, just wait. Now I know what she is talking about. These two showed up at my doorstep and surprised me. The way God works is always amazing. These two young ladies are the ones God sent to my way as I am getting a training to be a spiritual director.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

This baby is so cute. Every time I hear his laugh, I laugh too.

So cute.

Why can we laugh like this any more?

Baptism service

Baptism service--Jeri

We had a grand time on Sunday 19th. Two people were baptized and one person joined the church. What a wonderful day it was! We had a chance to keep two ordinances that Jesus ordained for the church to do. In the morning, we had a baptism, and in the evening we had a communion.

Burden and York are lifted

We have been moving since October 1st, and our aim was that we rent the Mill Valley house out by November 1st. But it didn't work out that way. We just sign a contract to rent the house on Dec. 1st.

Chris got the senior pastor position on Oct. 1st with FSBC. Since Sept 24th, we have been moving things out from MV to Sl every time we came to the church from MV. We rented a UHaul twice andd Ken and Al used their trucks to help us to move. Al went to the house several times and repaired rotten steps. I thank God for his talent and willingness to help.

Chris focused on moving and I focused on cleaning and renting it out. I advertised the house and many people came by, but no takers. I asked a man to provide me with his honest fee dback about the house. He (and also Chris) pointed out that we need to paint and update the house. After we moved our furniture, we started painting. Chris hired Stacy and John to help us paint. But the painting job was getting bigger and bigger so we needed more people to paint and also more experienced ones. I hired Luis and Milquin right off the street. They worked really hard also they were experienced painters. We paid them close to one grand for painting, but it would have been much more if we had hired a professional painter. The house looks really clean and nice.

Now we need to update the kitchen. Barry referred me to talk to Peter. I wanted to put new cabinets and floor, but I learned that we need more than ten grand. So, we will not have any new cabinets or new floor this time. Peter put a black granite counter top and fixed all plumming for three grand.

Chris painted steps and fixed things outside. I cleaned inside. It took almost for 2 weeks to clean. On November 18th, I had an open house. Six people wanted to rent the house, and they gave me a down payment. I think I put the rental price too low. But I am not sure if we charged more money, then we may not have an opportunity to choose the best from many applicants. We found a family; Vernonica and Nathan are so happy with the house, and I have good feeling that they will take care of the house.
Thank God we are done with Mill Valley house now. Our body and mind were at SL, but the unfinished business in Mill Valley pulled us from the behind, we could not run as we should and as we wanted. It was almost like I was running forward but my head was turned backward. it was a tough two months. Now we are free, it is over! We can’t wait to visit our congregation and start a real work that matters to us the most.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

We are welcomed!

Pastor Installation--Nov. 5th

During the morning service on Nov. 5th, the church family welcomed us and gave commitment to support for the pastor. Lyman welcome Chris to the association, Jeanne (Chris’ sister) introduce her brother to this congregation and also tried to talk about him as his sister, Jane talked about the pastor search process, Al asked Chris about his commitment to the church, Jean prayed for Chris and me, then Craig talked about Chris as a friend and a colleague. Craig spoke so well; about teaching (Thursday Men’s Bible Study), compassion (SanQuintin ministry), and leadership (CASA ministry). I was told that 84 people attended the morning service. Jeanne came down from Portland, Valerie, James, and Jael came from Sacramento. Ted came form San Jose.

In the evening, Chris and I gave testimony. Chris showed pictures of our family, and he shared his three different time callings. The last one he answered. I shared my encounter with God, which I termed as my holy mountain experience. Lisa and Drew came, they want to come to our church from San Francisco, well we will see. Brian, Lili, Doo San, also Shirly from Chinese church came. Several area pastors came and welcomed him to the association. What a joy to serve our God with brothers and sisters in Christ.