Friday, July 09, 2010

Preparing to go to Africa

 We sent out the following letter to our friends last week, I want to extend this invitation letter to you, my  blog readers.  Come and See Africa, you will be changed with the experience.  

                                                                                                                                         July 4, 2010
Dear Friends of Come & See Africa,

It’s that time of year when Kim and I prepare ourselves for a mission to Africa.   This time we will be in Butare, Rwanda, from July 20 to August 2, 2010.  Perhaps the best way to describe our ministry is to share with you four things that we are packing along with us. 

First, we are packing along 50 pairs of reading glasses.  We carefully distribute these to elderly people in greatest need.  Simple lack of glasses can prevent a pastor from reading his Bible or a seamstress from completing her work.

econd, we are packing along 35 graduation tassels. Come & See Africa  operates a Bible school for university students at the National University of Rwanda.  On July 24, thirty-five young people will celebrate their graduation.  We rent the gowns, hand-make the caps, but we bring the tassels from America.

Third, we are packing along 7 “witnessing cloths” of our own design and creation.  Each cloth is beach-blanket sized and is printed in color with 36 panels of salvation history -- from the creation of the world to the last judgment.  These water-color pictures were painted by a Rwandan artist and are accompanied with short explanations written in English and in Kinyarwandan.  With this evangelism tool [which can be easily packed and displayed] we will teach the salvation history of Christ to children and to adults who cannot read.  We also have 30 “witnessing booklets” with the same color panels but with accompanying written words. 

Fourth, we are packing along about $6000 in cash.  Come & See Africa  is in the middle of a building program. We have committed to a facility of $300,000, but we are only one-half  way to the finish line.  The cash will enable us to begin putting up brick walls.  This campus house, to called the LightHouse, will be a beacon of light to the entire university community.   It will include two large classrooms, a chapel/auditorium, offices, a computer room, a music room, and several guest rooms.  The vision is there; the reality is on the way.

If I were to name a Fifth thing to bring along, it would be YOU.  Come and see Africa!  Come and see how the Spirit of God is moving among His children in Rwanda.   If you cannot join us, please support us.  We need your financial help to pack along glasses, tassels, witnessing cloths, and cash to build.  We need your help to spread the Gospel message around the world.

Blessings to you,   

Dr. Chris A. Foreman,    President of  Come & See Africa International