Saturday, September 01, 2007

New Semester

Our school started on August 27th. I have four courses to teach this semester, and they are all full. One of the reasons that I chose teaching career is for the love of learning... I definitely learn from my students. This is especially true with Web 2.0 technologies.

I use Firefox as my main browser, but when I do blogging I like to use Flock which is the secondary browser for social networking. Flock makes easy to organize and manage websites, pics and videos, feeds, blogging.

William from Rwanda is visiting us for a week. He is now a blogger, and he has been blogging for three days, and having a good time doing it. He also is learning how to swim. Rwanda is a land-locked country, so most people do not know how to swim. William is so determine to swim. He has been in the pool almost everyday past few days. I joke with him that he will be in Olympic swim team from Rwanda in 2012.