Monday, June 28, 2010

Block Party

Many people pass by our church and admire this New-England-style building with its stain glass and high bell tower.  But how do we move people from admiration to entrance?  How do we let our neighbors know that a lively group of Christians worships inside this quaint old church?   On June 25th, from 5 to 8 p.m., we welcomed our neighbors by inviting them to a block party.

Our head deacon Al drove the Block Party trailer to the church parking lot at 2 p.m.  We were eager to see what was inside.  We found a popcorn machine, snow-cone machine, a sound system, canopies, tables, a BBQ grill, bouncers, games, and much more.  Our church parking lot turned into a carnival within an hour.  We were in business. 

Soon country-western Gospel music was playing; a Korean BBQ lured in hungry visitors; a  puppeteer entertained children; nurses were taking blood pressure; door prizes were passed out; and we were even visited by a city fire truck.  We all had a fun!

 And the best part is this: more than half of the congregation came out to reach our neighborhood for Christ.  After the event, I heard words like, “successful”, “fun”, “hard work”.   Justin, a youth  in charge of the sound system said, “if we do this again, I want to do sound again”. Then Alex who was in charge of the games chimed in, “Yea, I want to do games again.  I had a blast!”  Kids who were jumping on the bouncer, shouted out “This is fun!”  So I know the block party was a successful event for both workers and attendees.  Everybody had fun!