Friday, July 16, 2010

Concert at four different locations in August

When I went to Korea last May, Professor Suh who is the leader of Allelluah choir team asked me if I could arrange their visit to SF area. My job was to find churches for them to perform, to provide food/lodging, to provide a tour of Bay Area, and transportations for them to get around.  The budget was zero. These people are paying their way to get here, and we need to do our part, host them.  I usually hate to ask anything to anyone.  But I could not do this by myself.  I had to ask people to join me to host this wonderful choir.

After many months of phone calls and explanation to many different people, a tour for them is set. Churches are excited for them to come and perform, and many volunteers are joyfully participating to make this concert tour happen. I learned several things while I am doing this project: 1) don't hesitate to ask people for help, 2) collaborate with others in order to get the best result, and 3) be flexible.

They will arrive at SFO on August 12th, and leave 18th.
They will perform at four different places:
1. August 13th @ 6 p.m, San Lorenzo
2. August 14th @ 5 p.m, Scotts Valley
3. August 15th @ 2 p.m, San Ramon
4. August 15th @ 5 p.m, Oakland