Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Open your mouth big

I didn't ask much, thus I received not. I think I am too practical or perhaps I have too little faith. God is teaching me his way lately. I am experiencing God's principles each day more and more, and I am marveled at how he provides for us. Yesterday during QT time, I was struck by the words, "open your mouth big". I have been praying for digital cameras and a laptop computer to take to Rwanda. Carol, a student of mine brought one camera and today Patrick will bring one in. Guess what, I got a lamp for Paul's projector. It came from the unexpected place.

I am planning to give a hands-on technology workshop, so faculty members can experience meaningful learning as they produce their personal story that is dear to their heart. I found out that there is a new software that is equivalent of iMovie, it is called Photo Story 3. Last night I stayed up till 2:30 a.m, and trying to download the software, but I realized that my laptop is too old for the software. I need a better one. I better believe that God will supply one, because he always has. Chris suggests that we need to take good equipment since we have to hand carry and also we only can take 50 pounds per bag. I guess Chris is suggesting that I open my mouth big, and receive it. I decide to buy two new digital cameras, and I am thinking to get a new laptop as well. My African friends deserve good things as we like to have good things. I better not ask "give me old things you don't use".

Monday, June 26, 2006

Some Kinyarwanda

Some Kinyarwanda words

Imana ishimwe........Praise God are you,

Turabakunda mwese.....We love you all

Imana iragukunda.......God loves you.

Turirimbe......Let us sing.

Dusenge..........let us pray.

Muarakoze---Thank you.

Imana ibahumugisha...........God bless you,

Imana ni nziza........God is good.

Ndabakunda.............I lovue you.

Turarangije.......We have finished.

Murabeho..................Good bye.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Books for CASA Library

Britt came to the house with many books for Robina. Rejection is a common thing in anywhere but in Rwanda and for the girls, it is more severe thing. Robina asked books on that topic, and mentioned the concern. Britt and her husband are donating those books for Robina to teach girls at NUR. PTL. I was strengthed and encouraged by Britt yesterday. Love you, Lord.

Here is a message from Britt to Robina:

Dear robina,
I am very encouraged by your ministry at the college and would like to continue to help you find good resources for your studies with women. I have sent several different books. Many I have done in a biblestudy I lead here, in San Francisco. Kim told me that you were looking particularly for books on rejection, so I focused on that (issues of fear,anxiety, and trust).

Beth Moore is one of the authors I sent. I sent two of her workbooks and accompanying books. You can use the book & workbook with the same title separately or
together. She gets you very deep in the Word and her book called "Breaking Free" is all about allowing the Lord to take away the things that keep us from him, whether it be worry or fear or lack of trust.

I also sent a book on Anxiety (I think a lot of women hold in a lot of anxiety whether it be worry about getting married or not feeling good enough). It's by Linda Dillow who is a missionary with her husband in Eastern Europe. Elisabeth Elliott is another one of my favorite authors. It would be great for you to read about her life. Her husband was killed by natives in South America and she and another women went and lived with the natives after and they all converted to Christianity. I sent a book that she wrote about asking God why..."Why don't I have a husband?", "Why did this happen to me?", "Why do you let bad things happen to people?"... it's good for a new believer or someone struggling to trust in the Lord.

Some of the other books are for your library. I'd like to know what you think about the study books as you go through them. If you like one in particular, we can send more of the same so that a small group of learners can have their own workbook to write in as they study. Also, if you have any questions about the books or how to go about leading the studies, I am more than willing to talk to you about them.

My husband and I are praying for you and your ministry and look forward to receiving news about student's growth in the Lord.

God bless,