Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I am sorting things out, packing, transporting belongs in my spare time I have. On top of my regular work of teaching, interviewing new students for Fall 2009, supervising thesis projects, giving workshops, attending conferences, we are in the process of moving. So, I need two of me. Every time I move, I promise myself I will not accumulate more things. But I don't keep my promise. Since we moved to the parsonage in San Lorenzo about two years ago, I bought more things to fill the house. Now we have to move them. My husband begged me not to buy these heavy, big rosewood buffet table and a wardrobe cabinet that are imported from Vietnam. But they are so pretty, I said, and insisted that we need to buy more pieces to complete the sets. Our house now looks like a Chinese furniture warehouse. I have to find a way to move them and find space to put them.