Friday, April 03, 2009

Web 2.0 conference

I had a great time at the conference. I attended sessions from 9 am to 5 p.m, and yet I had to miss many interesting sessions. Also, I enjoyed observing behaviors of people. There were so many young, bright people on stage and off stage. I met two Korean women, one from Canada and one from SF area, we hung around for three days together. This year's theme was "Power of Less", and more people talked about humanity than technology, which made the conference more interesting. I even heard Lev Vigotsky was mentioned in a presentation. One person based his presentation on Pink's book, and noticed many of these innovators are artists. Almost every presentation started out with a story, and they used well designed PP to tell their stories. The most often used words were like "relationship", "community", so Facebook won over Flash this year.

When my relatives who never used e-mail are now on the Facebook, and they update several times a day. One smart person saw the power of Facebook, and wrote a book. Her name is Clare Shih who made an excellent points about doing business utilizing Facebook power in her presentation.
There were many interesting presentations, if you are in itec 830, check out presentation files and video from the conference in this site.

The president of RISD talk was very inspiring and also interesting, so I am posting a video of his talk here.


Alex Streczyn-Woods said...

Wow. I really loved the presentation that the president of RISD did. This reminds me of a history class I took during my undergrad stint at SFSU and my professor was talking about the problems of our earlier wars' martial technology -- new technology, old tactics. While management isn't exactly martial (unless your boss is really mean), I see companies like the one I recentl left following the same line: new technology, old tactics.

It should be new technology, new tactics. And we should try to make the playground space that allows to fail as early as possible so we can move on and try new tactics.

Brenda's Blog Spot said...

What a great web site! I enjoyed all your slideshows and photos as well as the content. I admire the missionary work you and your husband are doing.