Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nothing is forever

We had this orchid since January 1st. When I got it, there was one red flower on the skinny long stick like stem. The flower was red, so I thought it is red orchid. Then half red and half white bud popped a few weeks later, then several more half-breed, then finally white ones bloomed. Normally I don't care too much for engineered flowers, but this is an exception. This orchid graced our living room for the entire winter. I thought it is too beautiful to see it only by my husband and I, so we took it to our church a few weeks ago. Now everyone is enjoying it. One petal fell off from the stem last night, I am sure the rest will fall soon. Too bad that they are not going to last forever. Nothing does.

Living Life with an Eternal Perspective

I have been blessed by recent sermons about the resurrection of Jesus and about what will happen to Christians after death. Pastor Chris began the sermon last Sunday by showing photos of ten church members projected on the big screen. The congregation was asked to guess their identity. Some photos were taken 50 and 60 years ago.

It was an interesting exercise. People I only know as elderly were vibrant and beautiful in the photos. Some people were hard to guess due to the time gap between past and the present, but eventually we were able to recognize each one of them. The point of the sermon was that someday we will have a new resurrected body; a body that may look 30 years old and a body we will still recognize.

Lately, more than ever, I have been aware of my body changing. I can’t do what I used to do. No matter how hard I try, my physical body continues to get wrinkled and broken. I am glad to know that God will replace this broken mortal body with one that is new and immortal. This brings me to an important point. What I do in this life each moment affects my life to come. I learned from the sermon that I must live my life with an eternal perspective, knowing what is important.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

EBBA Women's Retreat At Mt. Hermon - March 2010

Last year, I jokingly challenged Diane, if Diane do it, I will do it. I thought she wouldn't do it. But she was serious. When I got to the retreat at Mt. Hermon, she would not let me off. I try to give her all kinds of excuses including my recent foot surgery excuse. She would not back off. I arrived at the breakfast table on Saturday morning, hoping Diane would not be there, well, she found me. Before I even sit down, she hold my hand and led me to the registration table. I had to sign up. I am glad that I have a friend who challenges me and keeps me accountable. It was a great adventure. Check it out how much fun Diane, Latoya, Angie, Lisa, and I were having.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stonewall Jackson at DC

My East coast tour is ending soon. I had great time in New York with my younger son last week, and this week I am visiting my older son in DC, my sister in Virginia, my cousin in Maryland, and also visited Stonewall Jackson memorial site. Tomorrow I will be leaving DC at 7 am. It is good to visit loved ones, and also it is good to go home and see loved ones there. I am so blessed to have time to travel this Spring.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Waiting at SFO

I am writing this blog at USO lounge at SFO. Chris retired from Army a few months ago, now we can use USO facilities at airports. The set up is quite good; internet is free, coffee and snacks are free too. I wanted to catch up with news but there are young men with uniform are watching TV, so I decide to seat at a computer station. I am glad to see that the US government is taking care of people who serve the country. My husband served this country for 20 years and one day. While he was in the army, our family also had to move around every 3 or 4 years. I was often left with my children months at a time while Chris was doing oversea assignments. I didn't enjoy the militery spouse life at the time, but now I am enjoying the benefits of being a millitery spouse. I can use internet for free at SFO.

Time to go to the Delta terminal. We are going to see that cute grandson of ours soon. Our plane leaves at 10:30 PM and we will arrive at JFK at 6 AM. I can 't wait to squeeze Lorenzo.